What is Adunatem?

'Adunatio' is a Latin word that means Combinations. Adunatem was established with the vision of creating exquisite Herbal combinations at its best form for bringing the best in you.

The problem we see ..

Today, lifestyle-oriented diseases and disorders are grasping the society faster than ever, even the young generation is suffering from depression, cardio-diabetic, hormonal imbalance, metabolic disorders, sexual health fitness and many more. What are the reasons behind all these serious issues? In one word, 'Diet'. Nowadays there are even synthetically made vegetables available in the market. This is not just about vegetable it’s applicable with very food we meet even meat, eggs and dairy products.

"We think we are eating good and healthy food but let’s ask ourselves, are we"?

​We go to supplements sections hoping body would be detoxified, it will get the missing nutrition, protein, vitamins, minerals and we forget to realize we are buying chemically synthesized laboratory manufactured 'so called supplements' which will deteriorate the health further. Perhaps these are the reasons why there is a boom in corporate hospitals business.

The solution we seek ..

We at Adunatem are inspired by fundamentals of, Ayurveda a 5000-year-old science of healing and one of the initial healing systems on the planet. Ayurveda is an intricate medical system that originated in India thousands of years back and is an extensive system of holistic wellness care. It concentrates on the use of medicines made from several herbs and assorted massage methods to heal any ailments no matter how complicated it may be. Ayurveda and Yoga are really the most important preventative system of medicine.

'At Adunatem, we make combinations of modern science and ancient mastery of health and medicine'.

We go deeper to find the answer to the question, ‘Can we remain healthy for thirty-six thousand nights?’ as mentioned in Ayurveda- India’s ancient medical legacy.